Miner Mapping

About our Mapping Facilities

Through the ‘Miner Mapping’ facilities on this website we aim to provides our users with a means of viewing historical maps of the local area.

Maps of County Durham from the 1850’s to present day are currently available via the Image Database, with all County Durham mines in the same time period being referenced. Users can move around the maps and zoom in or out, before clicking on individual features to find further information.

Facilities to Date

The Durham Miner Team is currently working with Durham County Council’s GIS specialists (Geographical Information System) to provide the ‘Miner Mapping’ facility. To date we have only launched the initial stages of our progress.

Future Developments…

In the near future we hope to provide a ‘front door’ into our mapping facility, which will introduce additional features, and enable users to begin their search for information, from a map, should they prefer this method.